Current Tenant Contact Form

If you have a problem with your property or tenancy, we prefer if you can inform us as soon as possible so we can get it resolved quickly. You can also call us on the numbers below.

If you have a situation where you:     

1) Can smell gas – please contact National Grid on 0800 111 999.

2) Have no electricity – if this has occurred only in a particular room, please check and reset your fuse board as it may need resetting. You may also need to replace a bulb. If this has occurred throughout the property please check your fuse board, and also check with your neighbours. If your fuse board is fine and your neighbours have electricity, please call your electricity supplier.

3) Have no water – please check that you have cold water running from your kitchen tap, if not check with your neighbours if they are having the same issue.

4) If you have suffered from a break-in, please call 999 or contact your local police station. Please ensure that you receive a crime reference number from the police.

For general maintenance and other queries, you can use the form below. We aim to respond to all email enquiries within one working day.